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DIY development wireless control starter kit


ESP32WIFI board Learning Kit Arduino Maker kit DIY wireless control starter kit.

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This is a virtual economy display efficient, one-stop STEM education electronic component starter kit featuring ESP32 ESP-32S WIFI board, HC-SR501 PIR sensor module, V 2 channel relay module, 128X64 OLED module and more.


1. Ideal for DIY. Use popular microcontrollers and thermal sensors to meet the needs of different users, such as students, beginners or reserves.

2. Provide free PDF instructions for tutorials, code writing and tutorials that will take you into the electronic world of programming.

3. Research and components of various sensor modules, bootstrap, discoverer, development and other modules.



1. Suitable for beginners to learn programming.

2. We provide customized service.

3. Provide sample service. And technical support.

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