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SKU: GB001

Infrared carbon dioxide sensor module MH-Z14A serial port PWM analog output 0-5000ppm.

SKU: GB002

Carbon dioxide sensor CO2 MH-Z19B UART PWM digital multiple output, gas sensor.

SKU: GB003

ACD10 CARBON dioxide sensor INFRARED NDIR high-precision large range CO2 gas concentration detection module.

SKU: GA001

5V L298N motor drive module, DC stepper motor intelligent car robot.

SKU: GA003

DC-DC 9A step-down module 300W power module 12A step-down constant voltage constant current adjustable voltage converter.

SKU: GA005

400W booster module 15A power module DC-DC High power constant voltage constant current LED adjustable driver.

SKU: GA008

300W 20A constant current adjustable step-down power supply module high current charging module high power LED driver module.

SKU: GB006

Soil temperature and humidity detector sensor module RS485 soil moisture conductivity agricultural greenhouse detector.

SKU: GE003

Arduino UNOR3 IOT Learning Kit Scratch Graphical programming kit for traffic light system.

SKU: GE014

MEGA2560 Learning Kit Upgraded Arduino Basic Starter Kit Stepper motor Learning Kit with box.

SKU: GE010

The 45-in-1 sensor module comes with the Aduino programmable starter Kit, sensor Kit.

SKU: GF001

Arduino smart car robot kit, ultrasonic infrared tracking obstacle avoidance UNO car programmable kit.

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