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NRF NANO Robotic Tank Kit


Arduino Super cool smart Robot starter kit Tank NRFNANO Robot tank kit.

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Product Details:

1. This product is an intelligent car developed based on rf board.

2. The expansion board uses XH2.54 terminals, which is convenient to use.

3. Copper columns and screws are used to fix the components.

4. The circuit connection between each module adopts Dupont wire connection, which is simple and convenient.

5. Nano-robot car adopts track, which can run smoothly in harsh environment.

6. The motor we use is 12V DC reduction motor, which has higher power.

7. It has ultrasonic obstacle avoidance function, car following function, beeper alarm, infrared obstacle avoidance function, gesture control car direction function 8. It mainly uses four modules: RF board main control module, expansion board, ultrasonic sensor module and LM393 infrared detection module and steering gear.


The expansion board has integrated circuits, greatly saving space:

1. Infrared receiving circuit

2. Buzzer circuit

3. Motor drive circuit

4. Wireless module and other circuits



1. The main control board uses the RF board.

2. Ultrasonic sensor module Uses THE HC-SR04 module to measure the distance, thus realizing the ultrasonic obstacle avoidance function.

3. Infrared detection module adopts LM393 module to realize infrared obstacle avoidance function.

4. The combination of ultrasonic and two infrared detection modules realizes the function of car following.


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