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Type-c UNO R3 Maker starter Kit


Type-c UNO R3 Maker starter Kit RFID Learning Kit Stepper motor learning kit.

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This is the most cost-effective and fun starter kit for STEM education electronics, including the latest development boards, 830 bread boards, ultrasonic sensors and joystick modules, and more.



1. Perfect for DIY. Use popular microcontrollers and thermal sensors to meet the needs of different users, such as students, beginners or teenagers.

2. Free PDF tutorials, including tutorials, coding and tutorials, take you into the world of programming electronics.

3. Multi-function and components of various sensor modules, LED, resistance, chips, wires and other modules.



1. Suitable for beginners to learn programming.

2. We provide customized service.

3. Provide sample service and technical support.


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