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DIY Wooden Light tracking system kit


DIY Wooden Light Tracking System Kit development board and Kit Smart STEM learning kit.

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As non-renewable sources of energy decline, the use of renewable resources for electricity generation is increasing. Solar panels are becoming more and more popular. The Solar Tracking project uses a light-sensitive module to calculate the position of light and adjust the steering gear so that the Solar panel is aligned in the direction in which it is most charged. In this project, we will see a simple sun-tracking solar panel circuit that will track the sun and position the solar panel accordingly.


How does sun-tracking solar panels work?

1. Assemble the circuit and upload the code to the ATmega328 microcontroller.

2. Switch on the power supply of the circuit and place the device directly under sunlight or lamplight.

3. Based on the light that falls on the two LDRS, the ATmega328 microcontroller changes the position of the servo motors to move in the panel.


The educational significance of Sun Tracking Solar Panel Kit:

1. Solar energy is a renewable resource, which can be reused.

2. Understand how solar tracking solar panels work.

3. It’s environmentally friendly and saves money.

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