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ESP8266 Serial Port wifi module

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ESP8266 Serial Port wifi module NodeMCU Lua wifi V3.

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WiFiESP8266 + 32MB, the module is based on an extensive exploration of ESP8266 system chips. We added an additional memory size of 32MB.

This is better for large library projects. You don’t have to worry about memory size. Storage Rm here has USB-TTL serial converter CH340G, Mini USB port.

DC 4~9Vdc PowerIn pin VIN. Pitch 2.54 mm (0.1 in) 15 x 2 needle sets (not welded).

It’s easy to combine WiFi access points with function stations + microcontrollers using a programming language.

Can be used for IDE event-driven API network application 10 D0~D10, PWM function programming, IIC and SPI communication, in the board WiFi wireless network and ADC (A0 can be used as access point and/or station),hostServer), connect to the Internet,

To get or upload data, the development board can use the mount board.

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