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16 channel RS232 continuous electrical control module

2/4/8/16 channel RS232 relay Intelligent home switch PLC industrial control module Internet of things.

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Product Details:

1. Product name: 16-channel RS232 serial relay control module

2. Product Model: CO3FC3230201C(V2.0 version)

3. The input:
1) Supply voltage: dc 9-30V
2) Power supply current: above 2A
3) Static current: 18mA
4) Maximum current: 250mA

4. Relay output:
1) Quantity: 8 PCS
2) Control voltage: DC 30V or AC 250V
3) Control current: 10A
4) Number of contacts: 16 normally open and 16 normally closed
5) Relay life: more than 100,000 times
6) Response time: 10ms

5. Software control parameters:
1) baud rate: 9600bit/s
2) Control mode: on and off and timing on and off
3) Control mode: real-time control (two kinds of delay)
4) Control mode: self-locking interlocking control (two kinds of delay)
5) Control mode: combined cycle control

6. Use environment:
1) Storage temperature: -40-60°C
2) Operating temperature: -20-70°C

7. Product Weight:
1) Module net weight: 430g
2) Net weight of serial cable: 83G
3) Including packaging gross weight: 548g

8. Structure size:
1) dimensions :(length)217mm* (width)101mm*(height)30mm
2) size of positioning hole :(length)207mm*(width)55mm
3) Hole diameter: 3.2mm

1. Independent research and design, in line with the requirements of industrial design, using original authentic materials production;
2. The product has passed the aging test and the performance is stable and reliable;
3. Wide input voltage range, can be used stably in DC9-30V;
4. Each channel has light transfer isolation, no interference between each other;
5. Each channel has LED indicating the switching state of the relay;
6. Anti-power reverse protection design;
7. Send independently developed upper computer software, new function design, more powerful operation performance;
8. The whole product is designed with independent intellectual property rights and provides communication protocol and technical support;


Smart home, Internet of Things, industrial control, electric motor drive, monitoring and management.
RS232 serial relay module adopts upper computer control, as long as you connect the serial line, the electrical equipment to be controlled (such as motor, lamp, electric heating wire, electric furnace, fan, TV, etc.) connected to the relay end of the controller, do not need to go to the scene, as long as the computer gently click the mouse can control various electrical equipment.


Matters needing attention:
1. It takes time to transmit control commands in wireless, 485, or 232 mode. The maximum duration of a single command is 50MS
(in 20-50ms), so the software in the combination of cycle control, do not set the time interval in a very small
For example, 5MS, you are advised to set the time base to 100MS or greater.

2. Add the account name and password to the database.

3. Ensure that the USB-to-serial port driver has been installed. After installing the program, insert the USB to 232 serial cable and set it

The standby manager can correctly identify it without exclamation marks.

4. If there is no response during the control process, reinsert the USB-to-serial cable.

5. Do not use the controller in a tight dry environment.

6. Power supply and load should be used within the range of parameters. Do not use beyond the range.

7. Please do not try to open the shell for repair without authorization. Otherwise, no warranty.

8. Any change or upgrade of product appearance and technology will be updated in the new manual without prior notice.


Shipping List:

1. 16-channel RS232 relay control module

2. Both English and Chinese instructions and CD-ROM materials

3. USB to 232 serial cable

4. Product packaging


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