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Obstacle avoidance line tracking intelligent robot car starter kit


Robot Kit After school programming project Obstacle Avoidance Line tracking Smart robot Car starter kit.

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1. The main body of the chassis adopts laser cut black acrylic plate, which can be fixed on both sides. It is equipped with two gear motors and a matching universal caster.

2. It also has four AA (unconnected) compartments with battery terminals protruding from the housing for servicing from the top.

3. Each TT DC motor has a fixed wheel on one side and the other side is connected to the coding board. The chassis has sufficient holes and openings for mounting sensors, steering gear, motor drivers and control modules.

4. This kit can be used to build robots for ranging, obstacle avoidance, line chasing, flame detector, speedometer, wireless remote control car and other creative work.



1. This is the most cost-effective and interesting robot car kit, with simple mechanical structure, beautiful system and easy installation.

2. Use the tutorial to write code that will take you into the world of intelligent programming robot cars.

3. Use a lively and interesting ultrasonic sensor suite to keep the car away from obstacles; Two infrared tracking modules are used at the same time, so that the intelligent car has search function.

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