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Smart car kit 4WD transparent acrylic robot chassis


Smart car kit 4WD transparent acrylic robot chassis, McNum wheel car chassis.

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Product Details:

1. This is an ideal electronic toy for both children and adults.

2. The most economical, the latest robot car kit, simple mechanical structure, easy installation, complete functions. Use it to use your imagination and have fun!

3. Add and program some microcontrollers and sensor modules to the vehicle platform.

4. DIY Smart car kit is easy to assemble without soldering.

5. Designed for beginners and professionals to learn and develop electronics, programming and robotics.


1. Simple mechanical structure, very convenient installation.

2. The car comes with tachometer encoder.

3. Adopt four-speed dc motor with flexible curve and good direction.

4. Four-drive, full horsepower.

5. The chassis is large and stable, and easy to expand.


Matters needing attention:

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