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16 channels PLC DC amplifier board relay module DC output transistor

2 4 8 12 16 channel PLC DC amplifier module relay DC output transistor.

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Product Details:

1. Product name: 16-channel PLC DC amplifier board

2. Product Model: WB-P316D3-2

3. Power supply: DC12-24V

4. Input signal:
1) Signal: compatible with PNP and NPN signal input (high and low level trigger)
2) Input voltage: DC9-24V
3) Input current: > 2mA
4) Response time: ≤0.2ms
5) Switching frequency: ≤5KHZ

5. Output:
1) Quantity: 161
2) Output voltage: DC12-24V (depends on the power supply)
3) Rated current: 5A (single channel load
4) Internal resistance: 0.20 ω

6. Protection:
1) Signal separation: optical coupling isolation
2) RC loop: relay protection
3) Fuse break: short circuit protection (more than 6 lines with safety tube)

7. Electrical performance:
1) Mechanical life: ≥20 million times
2) Electrical life: ≥1 million hours
3) MOS pressure: 100V

8. Use environment:
1) Ambient temperature: -20-70 °C(no icing, no fog)
2) Ambient humidity: 5-85% RH

9. Weight: 326g

10 module size :(length)220mm*(width)87mm*(height)48mm

11. Installation method: TS35/7.5/NS35/NS32 standard card rail


1. Effectively expand the output load capacity of PLC, and solve the problem of frequent and easy damage of traditional relay contacts.

2. PLC amplifier board to join photoelectric isolation or electromagnetic isolation, short circuit protection, anti-surge protection circuit, effectively protect THE PLC output point and equipment, prevent grid interference signal caused by the misoperation, both safe and reliable.

3. Using the original imported MOS tube, super long service life, super reliable performance.

4. Fault tolerant design, input control terminal need not distinguish positive control or negative control; Perfectly compatible with non-standard controller, can match any PNP and NPN signal input.

5. Each input and output are equipped with LED indicators, the working status is clear.

6. Reliable strong current carrying capacity: PCB double-sided copper, to ensure large current through, stable and reliable.

7. Each path 10 is isolated from the output, and there is no need to worry about mutual influence

8. Operating voltage 12V~24V optional.

9. User-friendly interface design, all interfaces can be directly connected, very convenient.

10. The appearance of the product is generous, and the standard guide rail slot is convenient for installation.


Matters needing attention:

1. Power supply and load should be used within the range of parameters, and do not exceed the range.

2. Rated load and life is a reference value, will vary greatly according to different environmental factors, load properties and types, so it is best to confirm in actual or simulated actual use.

3. The load capacity of the amplifier plate is greatly affected by the environmental temperature and its own temperature rise. It should be based on the actual working environment conditions and use air convection for heat dissipation, and it should be installed in a good convection environment.

4. Electrical durability at high temperature: When the amplifier plate is used at high temperature, its electrical durability will be lower than that at normal temperature, so please confirm it in actual use

5. Please do not repair without authorization, otherwise the warranty is not granted.

6. Any change or upgrade of product appearance and technology will be updated in the new manual without prior notice

7. The final interpretation right of the product belongs to the Company.

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