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Soil moisture and humidity controller

Soil moisture detector Soil temperature and humidity sensor greenhouse gardening water detection module.

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Product Details:

1. This product adopts imported industrial sensor chip, top technology, accurate and reliable, excellent performance, real anti-electrolytic corrosion.

2. Soil moisture value can be set through two kinds of knobs, simple and convenient operation.

3. The output can be directly connected with dc solenoid valve or DC motor water pump, convenient wiring.

4. Sensor vacuum sealing, good sealing, completely waterproof, can be immersed in water for a long time.

5. Made of high quality stainless steel needle, can withstand long-term electrolytic, more resistant to soil acid, alkali and salt corrosion.

6. High measurement accuracy, fast response speed, stable output signal, reliable performance, little influence by soil salt content, suitable for all kinds of soil.

7. Beautiful appearance and structure, with blister box packaging. Transport storage is more secure.



1. Input voltage: DC7-24V

2. Output control mode: relay directly control dc 7-24V water pump, solenoid valve and other controllers.

3. Maximum load power: DC24V 10A

4. Response time: refresh period is 0.5 seconds

5. Measurement stability time: 0.5 seconds

6. Moisture measurement area: in a cylinder with a diameter of 7cm and a height of 10cm with the central probe as the center

7. Moisture measurement range: 0-100%

8. Moisture measurement error: ≤10%(0-60%RH)

9. Operating temperature range: -20° ~ 120°C

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