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4000W with fuse, with enclosure, high power SCR AC governor

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4000W imported high-power silicon controlled, motor governor, electronic voltage regulator, dimming, temperature regulation.

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Product Details:

1. Input voltage: AC 220V

2. Output voltage: AC 10-220V adjustable

3. Maximum power: 4000W (resistive load limit power)

4. Size ten: 85*55*35mm

The output is recommended not to short circuit, must be light load, and then adjust the voltage! Sketching the cooling

It is recommended to work within 2000W for a long time. If it exceeds, please strengthen the heat dissipation.


1. Product name: 4000W AC voltage regulator

2. SCR model: BTA41600B

3. Size: length 85* width 55* height 38MM, knob inner hole 6MM.

4. Maximum power: 4000W (resistive load limit power), long time should reduce the power use.

5. Efficiency: over 90%

6. Operating voltage: AC 22oV

7. Adjust voltage: AC 10-22OV

8. Fuse: 5*20 20A

Note that the load must be connected to the first time to adjust the voltage, the first time to use, before electrifying the potentiometer counterclockwise to the end. Otherwise, it is easy to burn when connected with load such as heating wire with small resistance. SCR is mainly used for resistive load (electric heating wire incandescent lamp, etc.), single-phase AC motor can also be mostly, but not guaranteed, other types of load please confirm by the buyer. Fuses have reaction time, and if the current is too high, the module may burn out as well as the fuse. Note that the plastic cover on the joint can not be opened because of the installation of the shell, the screwdriver should be twisted slightly, in addition, be careful when opening, too much force is easy to break the cover, express transportation may be crushed, for the vulnerable parts, but it will not affect the use of the module, the store will not be responsible for the return and replacement of plastic cover related problems.

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