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L298N Motor drive board module

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L298N Motor drive board Expansion board module stepper motor intelligent car robot accessories for Arduino.

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L298N is a high voltage, high current motor driver chip. The chip is packaged with 15 pins.


High working voltage, the highest working voltage up to 46V; High output current, instantaneous peak current up to 3A, continuous working current 2A; Rated power: 25W. The high-voltage and high-current full-bridge driver with two H Bridges can be used to drive dc motor, stepping motor, relay coil and other inductive loads; Standard logic level signal control; It has two enable control ends, which allow or forbid the device to work without being affected by the input signal. It has a logic power input end, which enables the internal logic circuit part to work under low voltage: external detection resistance can be connected, and the change will be fed back to the control circuit. L298N chip is used to drive the motor. The chip can drive a two-phase stepper motor or a four-phase stepper motor or two DC motors.


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