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Electronic block V4.0 sensor expansion board

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Hot selling Electronic block V4.0 sensor expansion board.

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V4 sensor expansion board for Arduino electronic blocks.

Common sensors or circuit modules are often used when making interactive works with Arduino. For those familiar with electronic circuits, it is certainly possible to build some simple modular circuits with breadboard or universal board, but for those less familiar with circuits or slightly complex circuits, it seems not so suitable.

Using this expansion board, you can easily connect to some common analog sensors, such as light sensors. With the support of the expansion board and the corresponding circuit module, we only need to connect the corresponding sensor module with the Arduino by special connection wire, and the circuit part is completed. Since the specific circuit details are realized by the corresponding sensor modules, all we need to consider is how to write corresponding programs in Arduino to read the data transmitted by these sensors.

The V4 version also has a stackable design that can be used with other expansion boards in the store. At the same time, the line sequence of the digital sensor interface is modified, which is more convenient for the connection of various sensors and can be directly connected to the servo motor.

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