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400W booster constant current module

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400W booster module 15A power module DC-DC High power constant voltage constant current LED adjustable driver.

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Product Details:

1. Module name: 400W booster constant current module

2. Module nature: Non-isolated BOOST module (BOOST)

3. Input voltage: DC8.5V-50V

4. Input current: 15A (MAX) if the input current exceeds 8A or the module temperature exceeds 65 degrees, enhance heat dissipation

5. Static working current: about 10mA(measured at 12V and 20V, the higher the output voltage, the static current will increase)

6. Output voltage: 10-60V continuously adjustable (suitable for applications where the input voltage is lower than the output voltage, not step-down.)

7. Output current: 12A MAX exceeds 7A or module temperature exceeds 65 degrees, please strengthen heat dissipation (related to input and output pressure difference, the larger the pressure difference, the smaller the output current)

8 constant current range: 0.2-12A

9. Maximum output power: = input voltage *10A, such as: input 12V*5A=60W, input 24V*5A=120W, input 36V*5A=180W, input 48V*5A=240W,

10. Working frequency: 150KHz

11. Conversion efficiency: up to 96% (efficiency is related to input and output voltage, current and pressure difference)

12 overcurrent protection: (the input is more than 15A, automatically reduce the output voltage, there is a certain range of error.)

13. Input reverse connection protection: none, (if necessary, please input the diode)

14. Installation: 4 2.5mm screw holes

15. Wiring mode: wiring terminal

16. Output anti-back irrigation protection: none; If used for charging or the load has its own electricity, additional 2 pole tube is required

17. Module size: length 67mm width 48mm height 28mm

18. Module net weight: approx. 86g

Output voltage/current regulation method:

1. Adjust the output voltage potentiometer (clockwise to increase the voltage clockwise to reduce the voltage), according to your load requirements, the output voltage is set to the voltage value you need. For example, the voltage of 10 LED is adjusted to 37V. (Increase the counterclock voltage and decrease the clock voltage)

Adjust the output current potentiometer clockwise about 30 laps, set the output current to the minimum, connect the LED, adjust the current potentiometer to the current you need. Used for battery charging, put the battery after the power, and then receive the output, adjust the current, (for charging must be used to put the power of the battery is accurate, because the battery left in the amount of electricity, the smaller the charging current.) (Turn down the clocking current and turn up the clocking current)

Please do not use short circuit to adjust the current, the circuit structure of the booster module can not be adjusted by short circuit.

Application scope:

1. DIY a regulated power supply, input 12V can, the output can be 12-50V adjustable.

2. To supply power to your electronic equipment, you can set the output value according to your system voltage.

3. As a vehicle power supply, power your laptop, PDA or various digital products.

4. DIY a high-power notebook mobile power supply: with a large capacity of 12V lithium battery pack, so that your notebook can be bright wherever you go.

5. Solar panels stabilize voltage.

6. Charge batteries, lithium batteries, etc.

7. Drive high-power LED lights.

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