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Ultrasonic oxygen concentration sensor

Ultrasonic oxygen concentration module Oxygen concentration sensor flow monitoring household oxygen generator components.

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1. Concentration measurement: 21%~95.6%
2. Concentration resolution: 0.1%
3. Concentration detection accuracy: ±1.8% FS@(5~55°C)
4. Flow detection range: 0-10L/min
5. Flow detection accuracy: ±0.2L/min@ (5~55°C)
6. Digital output: USART
7. Working voltage: 5V or 12V optional
8. Output type: blind or Query (default blind)
9. Detection period: 500ms
10. oxygen demand: no corrosion, no condensation
11. Operating temperature: 5~55°C
12. storage temperature: -40~85°C
13. relative humidity: 0~99% (no condensation)
14. Working current: <30mA
15. Inlet direction: as indicated by arrow


1. High precision accuracy
2. Less power consumption
3. High reliability

Application: household and medical oxygen generator, large oxygen chamber, clean gas flow detection.

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