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5V L298N Motor Driver Module

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5V L298N motor drive module, DC stepper motor intelligent car robot.

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This module uses L298N as the main driver chip, which has the characteristics of strong driving ability, low calorific value and strong anti-interference ability.
This module can use the expensive 78M05 to partially power through the drive power supply, but to avoid damage to the regulator chip, when using more than 12V drive voltage, please use the external 5V logic level.
This module uses large capacity filter capacitor, continuous current protection diode, can improve reliability.

1. Module name: Dual H-bridge motor driver module
2. Main control chip: L298N
3. Logic voltage: 5V
4 logic current: 0-36mA
5. Storage temperature: -20°C +135°C
6. Working mode: H bridge drive (double channel)
7. Driving voltage: 5-35V
8. Drive current: 2A(MAx single bridge)
9. Peak power: 25W
10. Module size: 44*44mm

Use attention:
1. When your driving voltage (marked as 12V input in the figure above, the actual acceptable input range is 7-12V) is 7V-12V, you can enable the onboard 5V logic power supply. After using onboard 5V power supply, the +5V power supply in the interface does not input voltage, but can output 5V voltage for external use. This is a regular application!)
2. When the driving voltage is higher than 12V, less than or equal to 24V(chip manual can support up to 35V, but according to experience a 298 conservative application peak voltage support to 24V has been great! For example, to drive the rated voltage. Is an 18V motor. First, the jumper cap with the onboard 5V output enabled must be removed. Then connect 5V outside the 5V output port. 5V enable is a level of 5V control signal, when the signal input is effective, the motor drive module in the normal power supply, the motor drive module output current. Otherwise, even if the power supply is normal, there is no current on the motor. The voltage supplies power to the L298N internal logic circuit. (This is an unconventional application driven by high pressure)

L298N is a high voltage, high current motor driver chip. The chip is packaged with 15 pins. The main features are: high working voltage, peak working voltage up to 46V; High output current, instantaneous peak current up to 3A, continuous working current 2A; Rated power is 25W. High voltage and high current full bridge driver with two H Bridges can be used to drive dc motor, stepper motor, relay coil and other inductive loads; Standard logic level signal control; Has two enable control end, in the case of not affected by the input signal to allow or prohibit the device to work has a logic power input end, so that the internal logic circuit part in the low voltage work, can be connected to the external detection resistance, the change of feedback to the control circuit. Use L298N chip to drive motor, can also drive two DC motor.

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