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12-40V 10A PWM DC motor governor

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12-40V 10A PWM DC motor governor, speed switch, motor fan controller, voltage regulator.

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Dc motor governor:
1. Supply voltage: DC 12V- 40V
2. Output voltage: consistent with input voltage
3. Control power: 0.01-400W
4. Rated current: 8A
5. Maximum current: 10A
6. Static current: 0.02a (standby state)
7. Frequency: 13KHz
8. Pulse width speed regulation range: 10%-100%
9. Outer size: 75mm% 60mm= 28mm
10. Positioning hole: 44.9*49.9mm
11. Hole diameter: 3.2mm
12. Operating temperature: -20°C~125 C
13. Net weight: 72g

1. Dc motor governor input is DC, can not be directly connected to AC (such as: household 220V AC), otherwise it will burn out!!
2. Do not connect the positive and negative terminals of the DC power supply inversely; otherwise, the governor may be damaged.
3. The motor can be both positive and negative. When the running direction is inconsistent with the expectation, the direction can be changed by adjusting the line sequence.
4. Adjust the potentiometer knob to change the output duty ratio of the governor. When the motor speed changes the wiring, the line must not touch the radiator
5. potentiometer clockwise adjustment, the greater the value.

DC motor speed regulation, automobile fan, electrical equipment, pipe exhaust fan, running machine speed regulation, lighting dimming, etc. So as to achieve the effect of dimming and regulating pressure.

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