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microbit motherboard BBC primary and secondary education original micro computer board Python graphics programming development board.

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BBC Micro: Bit is an ARM development board developed by the BBC for programming education for teenagers.

NRF51822 processor based on ARM Cortex-M0, integrated Bluetooth function, onboard 5×5 LED dot matrix, two programmable buttons, accelerometer, three axis geomagnetic and thermometer resources.

It also introduces a 20+5pin extension interface that can be easily used in a variety of programming related teaching and development scenarios, including video game writing, robot control, scientific experiments and wearable device development. It is half the size of a credit card (4cm by 5cm) and can be integrated into many portable projects.


In terms of software, support PXT graphical programming interface developed by Microsoft:

Supports Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android operating systems

The programming environment is based on Web services and no additional compiler download is required

Computer side through USB burning, simulation program

Mobile terminal through bluetooth wireless burning, simulation program

Javasript, Phython, and Mbed C are also supported

A variety of major programming languages:

Microsoft TouchDevelop IDE

Microsoft Blocks

CodeKingdoms Javascript


mbed enabled


Hardware parameters are as follows:

Nordic nRF51822Freescale KL26Z — 48 MHz ARM cortex-m0 + 16 MHz 32-bit ARM cortex-m0 microcontroller

Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy /2.4GHz RF SoC

16kB RAM

256kB Flash

Compass — Freescale MAG3110 3-AXIS Geomagnetic sensor, I2C interface

Accelerometer – Freescale MMA8652 3-AXIS Acceleration sensor, I2C interface

Power connector-3V Power connector

Reset button – The Reset button

Micro USB connector – Micro USB connector for computer writing, simulation, serial port communication, etc

5×5 LED display – 5×5 LED dot matrix, which can display text and graphics

Button A/B – Programmable Button

I/O connection pins – 20+5 pins (SPI, UART, I2C, Analog, PWM, etc)

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