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Soil moisture and humidity sensor

Soil temperature and humidity detector sensor module RS485 soil moisture conductivity agricultural greenhouse detector.

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Product Details:

1. Parameter type: volumetric moisture content

2. Operating voltage: DC 12V

3. Static current: about 30mA

4. Measuring range: 0-100%

5. Measurement accuracy: +1-3%

6. Probe length: 70mm

7. Probe diameter: 3.0mm

8. Probe material: 304 stainless steel

9. Sealing material: black epoxy resin

10. Cable length: 2.0 meters

11. Operating environment: temperature -30~+70 degrees.

12. Net weight: 120g


Scope of application: suitable for water-saving irrigation, greenhouse, flowers and vegetables, grassland makeup field, soil damage speed measurement, plant cultivation, sewage treatment and various particulate water content measurement.

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