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Function expansion board DHT11 temperature and humidity

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Function expansion board DHT11 temperature and humidity LM35 temperature function module.

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Multi-function expansion board DHT11 T/H LM35 Temperature

The functional modules are as follows:

2 channels modules

2 channels LED modules

Full color LED module

Infrared receiving module

Brightness sensor T LM35D temperature sensor module

SUNLEPHANT Passive buzzer module

Rotate potentiometer module

DHT11 T/H sensor module

1pcs I2C interface (A4 SDA, A5 SCL)

1 TTL serial port

2 channels digital quantity ports (D7, D8)

1 channels analog port (A3)

Reset button

Full Ard UNO R3 interface

Basic experimental modules for Ard beginners are provided

One board integrates multiple module functions

No welding, no wiring, just download the program to do the experiment

Provide all module code base files, all tested, can be used directly

Expansion ports are reserved for other module experiments

Custom raised row pins will not short-circuit when contacting USB interface of UNO board

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