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NANO UNO SUNLEPHANT V3.0 compatible with Arduino

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NANO UNO multi-purpose expansion board SUNLEPHANT V3.0 compatible with arduino multi-purpose expansion board module.

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UNO NANO multi-purpose expansion board is a sensor expansion board tailored for DUINO NANO. It solves the problem of wiring confusion when connecting multiple sensors, and becomes a sharp tool for you to open DUINO works.


1. Outputs all digital I/O ports and analog I/O ports. Each I/O port has a standard positive and negative power port

2. Lead out the I2C interface on the mainboard to facilitate the connection with I2C devices

3. Add a DC power supply port. The actual power supply current of USB interface on NANO board is only 50MA, which is obviously insufficient for equipment with high current, such as steering gear. At this time, external power supply is provided at the DC power supply interface to ensure stable operation of the equipment.

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